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How I Met Your Mother

Yesterday Karen and I were watching the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother. During the “The Bracket” episode “Anna” who thought Barney was Ted Mosby said she had created the website I immediately paused my TiVo, Karen gave me the look because she knew I was going to look it up and see if it was real (they rarely are). To my surprise the site was real and had a couple of pages including the letter Barney left for Anna and he forgot to sign it Ted Mosby.

The site was very funny. Karen and I got a huge laugh out of it. So last night I decided to send an email to the person who registered the site and tell them how much we enjoyed it.

Today at 4:28PM my iPhone rang and the display said “Blocked”. I never get Blocked calls so I decided to see who it was. To my surprise is was Carl MacLaren one of the show’s producers and the person the show’s bar is named after “MacLaren’s Bar”. How awesome is that? He thanked me for my kind words and appreciated the fact that I went to the trouble to let them know I enjoyed the website. Then, and this is even funnier, because it’s obvious to anyone who reads my email signature that I’m in IT, Carl MacLaren asked me for tech support. Now that’s cool. Since I am very familiar with the question he was asking I was able to answer it quickly.

Carl MacLaren, I want to thank you for giving me a story that no one will ever believe because of what day it is.

My new theory on LOST

I don’t read the spoilers online or go looking for upcoming information about shows because I know it would ruin it for me.

I’m the only person I know that didn’t know Arnold was a good guy in T2. That’s why it was so great. I hate it when that feeling is ruined.

But sometimes some things just come to me. I recently saw the promos for the new episodes of LOST.

If you can remember, all of the LOST episodes were suppose to be from 2004, except for one. That one episode was from the future, but what future.

This got me thinking last night that the new season will show the characters not from 2004 but from 2008 (or what’s considered to be now).

This means that some of the characters got off of the island for 3 years and now plan to go back. It also means that those who stayed will have 3 years of back-story on the island.

This is an awesome concept. It makes me wonder if the future episode was from 2007 and they are back on the island now or if it’s from now and they want to get beck on the island.

This will also explain why Walt is so tall and older. It could mean that Sun’s baby is 2 years old and Claire’s baby is 3 years old.

I’m seriously looking forward to the new season.

Pushing Daisies or Plagiarizing Groundhogs

My wife caught this one while we were watching the most recent episode of Pushing Daisies (Corpsicle).

If you forward into the episode, the scene after the commercial break starts out with a Winter scene of a street.

When Karen saw this she said “That’s the same street from Groundhog Day”. Upon further investigation it wasn’t just the street, it was the exact scene from Groundhog Day. There is someone shoveling snow on the left side of the street and someone walking down the sidewalk on the right side of the street. The Pushing Daisies scene has the walker just past the yellow house while the Groundhog Day scene has the walker at the end of the block farther away.

At 28 minutes 10 seconds (without commercials) the image below was captured from the 2007 Pushing Daisies episode Corpsicle.
The clip doesn’t have any relevance to the show except for the snow.

At 1 hour 36 minutes and 05 Seconds the image below was captured from the 1993 movie Groundhog Day.
This clip is in front of the actual Bed and Breakfast used in the Movie.

I wonder how many other people noticed? Pushing Daisies Forum Post.

Pushing Daisies, my theories on Ned’s dog Digby

Here are few links to bring yourself up to date on Pushing Daisies if you’re not already familiar with the show. IMDB Wikipedia ABC

Digby is Ned’s dog and the first living thing Ned ever brought back to life. Ned at the age of 9 years, 27 weeks, 6 days and 3 minutes old learned that touching something dead once equals life, touch it again and it’s back to being dead.

Ned was fortunate to have learned this before touching Digby a second time. Therefore Digby is alive and well in Ned’s adult life now 19 years, 34 weeks, 1 day, 59 minutes later. He just can’t touch him.

The plot of the show is based around Ned’s love for someone he made alive again. That someone is Chuck and they can never touch. Or can they?

Theory #1
My first theory is that at the end of season one Digby and Ned will touch accidentally but Digby will not die (Season One Cliffhanger). The end of season one will put Ned and Digby at over 20 years from the first touch. This will lead Ned to wonder how long after he touches something can he touch it again and it not return to being dead. Wanting to know how long before he and Chuck can touch again he will probably setup an experiment with many dead insects, choosing those with the longest life span. Using predetermined times to touch the insects again, after an hour, a day, a week and a year bringing us all the way to the end of the second season (Season Two Cliffhanger).

Is 20 years the magic number? Will it be 20 years before Ned and Chuck can touch?

Theory #2
My second theory is based on Digby being a Golden Retriever. The average lifespan of a Golden Retriever is 13 years. Digby was 3 years, 2 weeks, 6 days, 5 hours and 9 minutes old when he died so today he would be over 22 years old. That leads us to the conclusion that Ned’s first touch of life alters the natural life span of whatever he touched. This could lead Ned into another experiment. Only this time Ned gathers some insects with very short lifespans. After touching them and bringing them back to life he waits to see how much longer they live past their natural lifespan.

Prison Break Season 3 pulls a John Doe?

In some of my previous articles I explain the similarities between an old show and a new show. In this article I explain the possibility that a new show is creating a plot twist that puts it on par with an old show.

You see, season 1 of Prison Break dealt with the escape. Season 2 dealt with the money, the truth and the run. At the end of Season 2 Lincoln is given a full pardon after the truth came out and the brothers have the money. So that wraps the show right? It’s over, they escaped, Lincoln is a free man and they have a ton of money to live happily ever after, right? Wrong.

Prison Break season 3 will take the show in a whole new direction. There were plenty of clues to the new direction.

Season 2, Episode 14 was named John Doe. A funny pun since Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) played the lead character on John Doe.

Another slight but significant clue is the secret agency the General works for. If you watched John Doe, then you know of the Phoenix Organization.

The Phoenix Organization had a character (Trenchcoat) that didn’t speak even though he could. Prison Break season 2 introduced a character (The General) that doesn’t speak even though he can.

The General works for a secret organization much like The Phoenix Organization that positions people in scenarios to see the resulting outcome.

I believe that Prison Break season 3 will also be more like LOST in the fact that every episode will be half what’s happening now and half what happened in the past. Every episode will have flashback elements. Why, you ask? Because we are going to find out that the General has been pulling strings since before Lincoln was targeted.

Much like LOST uses flashbacks to show us previous characters that have since died, Prison Break season 3 will flashback to the prison allowing dead characters to reprise their rolls as we find out the General’s involvement in character placement.

You may have noticed that T-Bag was directed to go to Panama, as well as the scene where Bullock got shot. T-Bag was a pawn to get the brothers to Panama. Who was pulling the strings? I believe it’s the General.

In the penultimate scene of the season finale, it became obvious that the only brother that is wanted or needed is Michael Scofield.

My biggest prediction is that the General targeted Michael Scofield from the very beginning. He may have chosen Michael because he verges on savant and knew his capability and his drive to break his brother out of prison. But for him to try as hard as he did, his brother, Lincoln Burrows, would have to be innocent. Does that mean that the General was part of the setup to frame Lincoln? Yes, I believe it does. But, I also believe that those people are unaware they are part of a much larger conspiracy.

I think season 3 will reveal the General’s involvement in many of the previous season’s scenarios that lead the brothers to where they are now.

Why? What purpose would the General have to drive Scofield to get put in prison then break out? It could simply be to find the strengths and weaknesses of the prison or the man. We may also find out that Michael Scofield is not an isolated case. There may be many other people being driven unknowingly by the General to accomplish similar tasks

The O.C., they cancel it now that it’s getting good.

I’ve always been a fan of The O.C. (the new Beverly Hills 90210), but the show has gotten better now that they killed off Marissa. Her melodrama was hard to watch at times. Taylor has a quirkiness and is genuinely funny. Ché’s character is kinda annoying but he’s better than Oliver, OMG I hated Oliver.

The show dwindled because of Marissa and Volchok (it was an unentertaining story line), and then they started the new season out about Marrisa’s murder and Volchok.

The show is immensely better with Taylor as a lead actor. Of course last nights episode of Kirsten being pregnant was a Jump the shark moment.

The O.C. on IMDb

Kyle XY, a remake of John Doe?

I’m working an a new theory. It’s similar to my Lost/Earth 2 theory.

This one deals with the new show Kyle XY and the 2002/2003 TV show John Doe.

I watched all of the first season of Kyle XY. And John Doe reruns just recently started playing.

Here is a list of the similarities between Kyle XY/John Doe.

I’m not going to list when occurrences happen, which episode or in any particular order. I’m only listing the things that are remarkably similar.
(k) = Kyle XY, (j) = John Doe

1. (k/j) The series is named after the lead character.

2. (k/j) The series starts with the main character waking up naked in a clearing in the woods (wet/fetal position) with no memory of who he is.

3. (k/j) He’s befriended by someone (Tom Foss/Digger) who is obviously a member of the organization responsible for his condition.

4. (k/j) He struggles to find out who he is and why he has no past memories.

5. (k/j) The show was set in Seattle Washington.

6. (k/j) The show is actually filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia.

7. (k/j) The show’s tag line was “Who is Kyle XY?”/”Who is John Doe?”

8. (k/j) He has unexplained body marks. Kyle has no belly button/John has an unknown symbolic scar.

9. (k/j) He says “Who am I?”

10. (k/j) Mysterious circular symbols are used. Both shows have one episode devoted to the search for the origin of the symbol.

11. (k/j) His name was made up because he isn’t aware of any previous name.

12. (k/j) He is being watched by a secret organization (unknown/Phoenix Organization).

13. (k/j) He provides narration for each show.

14. (k/j) He has discovered a 30 year old photo of someone who looked like he does now.

I know some information was released after John Doe was canceled, but I’m not sure I believe what was said.
Yes, it was from the creator. But, he had a good idea. I doubt he was just going to give it away. Especially if he thought it could be brought back in another form later.

My Theory:
I think both Kyle and John are clones that were designed for a specific purpose. That purpose is the transfer of someone’s consciousness from a stored database to a new host body. John Doe had an episode that dealt with this. Kyle XY hasn’t yet.

I believe John Doe had all factual information uploaded to his brain before any consciousness was transfered to him. Then he either escaped or was broken out and left in the woods. I believe Kyle XY was broken out before any information could be uploaded to his brain. Then he was left in the woods.

I’ll add more as it comes to light for me.