WordPress Desktop Client

While I spent a lot of time trying to find the best desktop and demoing all the available ones I’ve made my choice.

I’ve decided that with the release WordPress 2.7 I have no need for a desktop client. The new layout and look of the interface is very pleasing. I’m willing to only post when i have an internet connection or from my iPhone.

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  1. SmarterDimensions says:

    Can i ask what desktop tool you used ? i travel a fair bit and use wordpress and want to write stuff when i am noy connected.

  2. Rob Jones says:

    For small stuff offline I just use my iPhone. When offline I would chose MarsEdit over Ecto.

    MacJournal was out because lots of people found it too complicated to setup, I have a few problems as well.

    Honestly, I would start it in an email or TextEdit and just paste it when I had an internet connection.

  3. Liz Rice says:

    Great article! I’m loving your website;

  4. Shawn Wright says:

    This was helpful. I will consider Mars Edit.

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