How I Met Your Mother

Yesterday Karen and I were watching the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother. During the “The Bracket” episode “Anna” who thought Barney was Ted Mosby said she had created the website I immediately paused my TiVo, Karen gave me the look because she knew I was going to look it up and see if it was real (they rarely are). To my surprise the site was real and had a couple of pages including the letter Barney left for Anna and he forgot to sign it Ted Mosby.

The site was very funny. Karen and I got a huge laugh out of it. So last night I decided to send an email to the person who registered the site and tell them how much we enjoyed it.

Today at 4:28PM my iPhone rang and the display said “Blocked”. I never get Blocked calls so I decided to see who it was. To my surprise is was Carl MacLaren one of the show’s producers and the person the show’s bar is named after “MacLaren’s Bar”. How awesome is that? He thanked me for my kind words and appreciated the fact that I went to the trouble to let them know I enjoyed the website. Then, and this is even funnier, because it’s obvious to anyone who reads my email signature that I’m in IT, Carl MacLaren asked me for tech support. Now that’s cool. Since I am very familiar with the question he was asking I was able to answer it quickly.

Carl MacLaren, I want to thank you for giving me a story that no one will ever believe because of what day it is.

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