My new theory on LOST

I don’t read the spoilers online or go looking for upcoming information about shows because I know it would ruin it for me.

I’m the only person I know that didn’t know Arnold was a good guy in T2. That’s why it was so great. I hate it when that feeling is ruined.

But sometimes some things just come to me. I recently saw the promos for the new episodes of LOST.

If you can remember, all of the LOST episodes were suppose to be from 2004, except for one. That one episode was from the future, but what future.

This got me thinking last night that the new season will show the characters not from 2004 but from 2008 (or what’s considered to be now).

This means that some of the characters got off of the island for 3 years and now plan to go back. It also means that those who stayed will have 3 years of back-story on the island.

This is an awesome concept. It makes me wonder if the future episode was from 2007 and they are back on the island now or if it’s from now and they want to get beck on the island.

This will also explain why Walt is so tall and older. It could mean that Sun’s baby is 2 years old and Claire’s baby is 3 years old.

I’m seriously looking forward to the new season.

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