The Apple Sticker Game

Have you ever had your kid in the car and they get bored. You know their bored because they said “Daddy I’m bored”.

A few months ago I came up with a game to entertain my daughter when she gets bored. Or you can start a game if they’re whining or annoying you.

It’s called The Apple Sticker Game.

All they have to do is find a automobile with an Apple sticker on it.

The Rules:
1. You must be in an automobile with the engine running. Stickers can’t be pointed out when engine is not running. If stickers are called out from outside the automobile or when the engine is off those stickers become void and can not be used in the game. Automobiles with stickers do not need to be moving or with their engine running. Any automobile with an Apple sticker is in play.
2. Can’t be an Apple sticker that’s been used in any other game. You know, my car, neighbors cars and such.
3. They have to be able to prove it. You know, point it out and such, honor system can be used if on highway.
4. Multiple stickers on a car are multiple opportunities. If an automobile has 3 stickers, one kid can win three dollars if they call them all.
5. If a parent notices an Apple sticker on a automobile and points it out, that automobile becomes void and can not be used in the game. I’ve never used this rule but I might if I lived in Cupertino.
6. This is The Apple Sticker Game, no other Apple logos are valid such as store signs, billboards or Apple stickers not on an automobile.

The Rewards:
1. Find an Apple sticker on an automobile and win a dollar.
2. Find an old multi-colored apple sticker on an automobile and win five dollars.
3. Find an Apple sticker placed on the inside of the car and therefore looks backwards from your point of view and win five dollars.

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