Prison Break Season 3 pulls a John Doe?

In some of my previous articles I explain the similarities between an old show and a new show. In this article I explain the possibility that a new show is creating a plot twist that puts it on par with an old show.

You see, season 1 of Prison Break dealt with the escape. Season 2 dealt with the money, the truth and the run. At the end of Season 2 Lincoln is given a full pardon after the truth came out and the brothers have the money. So that wraps the show right? It’s over, they escaped, Lincoln is a free man and they have a ton of money to live happily ever after, right? Wrong.

Prison Break season 3 will take the show in a whole new direction. There were plenty of clues to the new direction.

Season 2, Episode 14 was named John Doe. A funny pun since Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) played the lead character on John Doe.

Another slight but significant clue is the secret agency the General works for. If you watched John Doe, then you know of the Phoenix Organization.

The Phoenix Organization had a character (Trenchcoat) that didn’t speak even though he could. Prison Break season 2 introduced a character (The General) that doesn’t speak even though he can.

The General works for a secret organization much like The Phoenix Organization that positions people in scenarios to see the resulting outcome.

I believe that Prison Break season 3 will also be more like LOST in the fact that every episode will be half what’s happening now and half what happened in the past. Every episode will have flashback elements. Why, you ask? Because we are going to find out that the General has been pulling strings since before Lincoln was targeted.

Much like LOST uses flashbacks to show us previous characters that have since died, Prison Break season 3 will flashback to the prison allowing dead characters to reprise their rolls as we find out the General’s involvement in character placement.

You may have noticed that T-Bag was directed to go to Panama, as well as the scene where Bullock got shot. T-Bag was a pawn to get the brothers to Panama. Who was pulling the strings? I believe it’s the General.

In the penultimate scene of the season finale, it became obvious that the only brother that is wanted or needed is Michael Scofield.

My biggest prediction is that the General targeted Michael Scofield from the very beginning. He may have chosen Michael because he verges on savant and knew his capability and his drive to break his brother out of prison. But for him to try as hard as he did, his brother, Lincoln Burrows, would have to be innocent. Does that mean that the General was part of the setup to frame Lincoln? Yes, I believe it does. But, I also believe that those people are unaware they are part of a much larger conspiracy.

I think season 3 will reveal the General’s involvement in many of the previous season’s scenarios that lead the brothers to where they are now.

Why? What purpose would the General have to drive Scofield to get put in prison then break out? It could simply be to find the strengths and weaknesses of the prison or the man. We may also find out that Michael Scofield is not an isolated case. There may be many other people being driven unknowingly by the General to accomplish similar tasks

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