Cosmo Model and Talent, from my point of view.

This article is my opinion and mine alone, however, after reading the 50+ comments you will see that my opinion is not unique and matches that of many people.

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12/28/2006 A couple months ago I received an email from someone wanting to know my experience with Cosmo Model & Talent. I gave an honest answer that got me thinking about my own experience with Cosmo. The same person emailed me a few weeks later to let me know they decided not to join after meeting with Tammy, they did not say why.

Below is my honest and factual opinion of Cosmo Model & Talent. It’s from my own experiences.

I think we fell into that easy target category because I own my own business and my daughter is home-schooled. Cosmo convinces you that home-schooled kids will have better availability for appointments because their schedules aren’t dictated by the school system.

My first impressions of Cosmo Model & Talent. The first thing I noticed was that they are in a small section of a business building. The hallway to Cosmo had an unpleasant odor on more than one occasion. I was surprised that hey didn’t have their own dressing rooms, they use the office buildings restrooms. Overall I was very unimpressed. The second thing I noticed was they didn’t have computers for communication like email and such. They had a computer or two for printing invoices but no over-all cohesive computer system or network. Mike, the photographer, had an old Mac and a new Mac but their office had no high speed internet. Mike had a laser printer which most comps were printed on at the time. When you were given something to sign it looked like it was a copy of a copy of a copy. Their office was run like they were back in the early 80’s. I didn’t hold their lack of technology against them because I was not familiar with the modeling world and what they considered acceptable.

Their website was bad. Click this link to see what it looked like through most of 2006. I mocked up a new website for them in 2005 and showed it to the owner, Dona Downing, but she said when she was ready she was going to spent 20K and do it right. That’s not the direction the site took but it looks much better. Only a couple months ago did they change the site. Click this link to see the new sites progress. Then they change their URL from models to model breaking my previously listed link.

This is a chronological order of events through the our Cosmo experience.
7/30/2005 My daughter tried to get into an American Girl show in the summer of 2005. She didn’t meet some specific height and clothing criteria but Cosmo was waiting outside for anyone who might be interested in modeling. The American Girl show and Cosmo are not related.

8/1/2005 We stopped and got some information. It all seemed harmless and Allyson was interested. Most little girls are. Anyway, we went and met with Tammy Moore who signs up new models for Cosmo. No promises were made about any real work. It was more like we were given the impression that work was a given and it would’nt be long after her classes that she would have her first gig.

8/2/2005 Tammy asked if I was interested. Of course I laughed, but she said they always need men. After letting that sink in for a day I went back and talked with her more. It seemed like since they needed men as she suggested that work would be easier for me to get than Allyson. I decided it was obviously an easy way to earn some extra income so I did it.

Most of the classes were taught by former employees or Cosmo models and some classes are taught by the same person who answers the phone. The employees themselves were very nice and professional at all times.

We paid for Allyson’s classes up front and her comp cards later, children are expected to update their comp cards every year. I paid for part of mine and was told the remaining balance would be deducted from the jobs I would get. After a couple months of no calls I received a payment plan from Cosmo for the remainder of my balance. I called and asked why it was sent to me when I hadn’t even received any jobs yet. Tammy’s response was that they never guaranteed I could get a job soon and that the balance was due. I was obligated to pay the balance because I signed the papers of my own free will. So I paid it.

7/6/2006 Now the wait for a phone call. One year after Allyson signed up she was asked to come in for a preliminary interview. She didn’t get it. I have never been called. I’ve listed the expenses of being associated with Cosmo. It does not take into account all the other expenses like fashion magazines, time out of our schedule, makeup, new clothes for photo shoots, etc.

The photography of the models is great, however the printed comp cards are completely generic. They are printed on a color laser printer not photographic paper, but maybe that’s what all model agencies do, I don’t know. The comp cards price seemed high for what you were getting, but as I say “It costs what it costs”.

From my current point of view (1.5 years after signing with Cosmo) not one penny I spent with Cosmo was worth it. Because they didn’t provide services that we paid for.

I don’t feel that I’m being impatient. I actually felt like I waited some time after my patients ran out before posting this article.

Does Cosmo actually have models getting jobs? Yes, they do, but I would speculate it’s small percent of the total applicants they sign. That means you’re probably not getting a call, ever. Consider yourself lucky (I suppose) is you ever heard from Cosmo again.

Do I feel foolish for getting ripped off by Cosmo, Yes. I think everyone feels foolish when they get ripped off and then they don’t want to admit it because it’s embarrassing. I’m willing to forego my own embarrassment if this information helps others.

List of expenses to Cosmo for Allyson.
$500 8/1/05, modeling classes
$40, 9/12/05, modeling portfolio
$125, 10/28/05, half of the photo shoot payment
$125, 1/20/06, balance of the photo shoot payment
$60, 1/20/06, 25 comp cards and 1 8×10
$850 TOTAL

List of expenses to Cosmo for Rob.
$275 8/2/05, partial payment for modeling classes
$60 11/3/05, 25 comp cards and 1 laser print
$100 1/20/06, payment 1 of 5 for balance of modeling classes
$100 2/14/06, payment 2 of 5 for balance of modeling classes
$100 3/23/06, payment 3 of 5 for balance of modeling classes
$100 4/20/06, payment 4 of 5 for balance of modeling classes
$100 5/23/06, payment 5 of 5 for balance of modeling classes
$835 TOTAL

$1685 TOTAL PAID to Cosmo for Allyson and Rob

You can contact Cosmo Model & Talent at:
808 Lyndon Lane, Suite 211
Louisville, KY 40222

2/7/2007 Today I’m emailing this information to Cosmo per the suggestions of the Better Business Bureau.

2/23/2007 Today I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, my complaint number is 4758922.
I never received a response from Dona or Tammy, both were sent an email about my pending complaint.

My complaint has been received (2/23/2007) and is being handled by my local BBB.
The Better Business Bureau, Inc. (Louisville, KY)
844 S. 4th Street
Louisville , KY 40203-2186
Phone: (502)583-6546
Fax: (502)589-9940

3/2/2007 I received a call this morning (10 AM) from Craig at Cosmo. I immediately assumed he was calling about my complaint. He said there was a trade show looking to do a spoof on Deal or no Deal. He wanted to know if I was interested in playing the part of the host. I replied “I’m sorry, I’m not available”. He mentioned it was $350 per day, I repeated that I wasn’t available. Seeing as this is the one and only call from Cosmo I’ve ever received for work and the fact that it came after I filed a complaint, you can see why I turned it down. And you can’t deny the ironic timing of this job offer.

3/3/2007 I received a call from Dona Downing today (1 PM) about my complaint. She wanted to make sure that I understood today (3/3/2007) was the first time she was aware that I had a complaint with Cosmo. She received a letter from the BBB but never received my previous email. She wanted me to be aware that Craig had no knowledge of my complaint when he called me about the job offer the day before. From her point of view she felt as though she need to defend herself. Some of the things she mentioned on the phone about this article I have removed because they were irrelevant to my overall experience. She mentioned repeatedly that they are not some scam company and that she’s been doing her job for 30 years. She pointed out that her company has booked “Millions (with and S)” of dollars worth of jobs throughout their history. She pointed out somethings that I would have never known, again I can only give my point of view.

She mentioned that if this article hurts her business she would take legal action. I would expect no less, I would do the same.

She said she didn’t think refunding my money would make me happy, actually it would. Like I said earlier they can’t make everyone happy and I’m one of those people. But receiving a full refund would actually make me feel good that I wasn’t out any money on this whole experience. Dona also pointed out that I wasn’t charged the full price in the first place, so apparently I received a discount. My wife and I decided months ago to no longer proceed with modeling for myself or my daughter, so that’s not an option.

Dona, I want to thank you for the phone call and I appreciate your professionalism about my complaint. I genuinely felt as though you were hurt by some of the things in this article. And others you knew were lacking in information. The only thing I tried to impress upon you was that this was my actual experience with Cosmo. Running my own company I can understand that you must feel disappointed with my experience as your client. I would never want one of my clients to be disappointed with my service. And if they ever were I would fix it. And if they posted an article about it that would bother me too.

Dona, I apologize for some of the irrelevant items that I had in this article. Being a computer person I tend to over detail things (partly because I have such a good memory) and my point can be lost. I can’t change my overall experience with your company but I can make sure this article only represents my experience sans emotion and excessive detail. You will be receiving an email about my changes to this article.

3/3/2007 After speaking with Dona Downing today I felt is was my responsibility to review my entire post and make sure that I have in no way fabricated anything or speculated. If this post previously had my own speculation then I removed it. A few other things were removed because I decided they were irrelevant even thought they were not made up. That’s not what this post was suppose to be about. It’s simply suppose to represent my experience, nothing more.

3/14/2007 The BBB has yet to receive a response from Cosmo.

3/26/2007 I received a response from BBB today. Apparently Cosmo responded with the same info I’ve already posted about above. They made no offer to reimburse me. I’m continuing my complaint.

There seems to be some confusion about my complaint. So let be very clear, it has nothing to do with the computers that Cosmo has or their website, those were merely observations.
My complaint is only about the nearly $1700 I spent for services that they did not provide.
As for two jobs Cosmo claims I turned down.
1. The first was not formally offered to me, when I stopped in to get something for Allyson, Craig said that he included my Comp Card for a commercial where I would have to dress up like a fairy. He then said to me “But I didn’t think you take it because of you other business” I replied “You are correct”. That was the end of that conversation.
2. The Second job Craig called me for is the listed above, after I had already filed my complaint with the BBB.

4/2/2007 I received a response today from the BBB indicating they regret thier efforts were not been successful in resolving the matter to my satisfaction.
I’m seriously confused by this because they didn’t really do anything yet they’re closing the case.

4/2/2007 I sent an email to the BBB indicating that I don’t understand how the case could be closed. I received no response.

4/10/2007 I sent another email to the BBB indicating that I don’t understand how the case could be closed. I received no response.

4/30/2007 I sent another email to a different person at the BBB and they replied the case had been closed and there was nothing more the Bureau could do to resolve this complaint. From my point of view this is all the BBB did. I filed a complaint, they sent the complaint to the business, the business issued a bogus response, the BBB closed the case.

It’s no wonder Dona made fun of the fact that I filed a complaint with the BBB. And she called it a silly club that costs her about $500 a year. It’s no wonder she gave the response that she did, she must think the BBB is a joke. I don’t know if she has settled in the past but I’m guessing she hasn’t.

If this is how most of the BBB cases are handled I can’t say that I would recommend people even bother with using the BBB. I guess since this is my first use of the BBB I expected more. It’s not their fault, my expectations were too high. I figured Cosmo would put more value into a bad or unresolved case. I figured wrong.

7/15/2007 I’ve been completely ignored by Cosmo and was never offered a refund of any kind. My best recommendation to anyone looking for modeling info for themselves or their kids is to look past Cosmo. I wouldn’t be in business If I ever had a disappointed client and treated them the way Cosmo has treated me.

2008/01/28 Today I’m filing a new complaint with the Better Business Bureau (ID 5992301). In my original conversation with Dona Downing (3/3/2007) she informed me that my daughter’s comp photo would be removed from their website. As of today (nearly 11 months later) her picture remains listed. I’m requesting my daughter’s picture be removed and a full refund ($1685) for services they never provided.

I think the fact that they never removed my daughter’s photo (even after my first complaint), goes a long way to show that I was told by Cosmo what I needed to hear to either get my money or shut me up, then they never followed through with the services or the removal. The image below was taken today (2008/01/28) to show that Cosmo has not made good on anything they’ve said so far. My daughter is the main image holding the sun glasses.

They finally took down her picture but only after the BBB contacted them again. The BBB was again unable to satisfy my request for a refund.

2008/05/25 After receiving a few comments on my article I decided to add back some previous details that I removed.

64 thoughts on “Cosmo Model and Talent, from my point of view.

  1. Joyce

    Even though I haven’t contacted Cosmo or updated pics of my Grandchild. I feel that they have made no effort on their part either. More or less they got the money and I get nothing and was guaranteed nothing also. So I understand your feelings on this and agree.

  2. Simone Jones

    Thanks this was really helpful to me. I did have a appointment to meet with Cosmo next month. I don’t think I will be keeping that appointment.

  3. Rob Jones

    Malinda, thanks for your perspective, however, I seriously doubt you are the rule and are the exception.

    The thing you have to understand is that Cosmo made expectations that they could never fulfill, that’s a form of fraud.

    If my perspective leads someone to not use Cosmo or your perspective leads them to use Cosmo that’s their own choice.

    This article is my way of letting people know what could happen to them because it happened to me.

  4. Malinda

    I am so sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with Cosmo. It is so unfortunate when two people can’t see each others perspective and create a win win for all. I was a model with Cosmo for six years (1989-1995) and I made a lot of money. Grant it, my first year I don’t think I got one call (I was 19 years old). I think the first year you are in the book the clients think you have no experience (and you most likely don’t) so why do they want a newbie working for them when there are others to choose from who have some experience. Then the second year the phone started to ring (I guess now they thought I had some experience, I didn’t). Anyway, the jobs were bad and the pay was worse. I think I stood in Kroger passing out crackers for hours on end. But I took those crappy jobs to gain experience and to let Cosmo know I was serious. Over the next several months the jobs got better and by the next year I was invited to be in the top section of the book. Then I did great!!! I do however think a lot of it has to do with what the clients want. There are a lot of jobs for a young female adult (once you are 21 you can do liquor ads) who has the typical model look. I worked with very few children, older adults or ethnic people. That was not the choice of Cosmo but of the client hiring the talent for a specific job. The client wants to portray their product or service in a certain way. The young blonde model type fits the bill most of the time. I think I was chosen because of my DNA and my level of professionalism.
    I do understand their attraction to home school children. It is more convenient. The vast majority of interviews I went on gave me a day or two warning (if not an hour or two) and they were all during business / school hours. I was a freelancer at the time and could go at a moments notice.
    I’m sorry you never got a job, who knows the fairy one might have been fun, or not. Modeling was a great experience for me it taught me how to walk into any situation and handle it with confidence. Even if I never got one job the classes and photo shoots helped give me a level of poise and composure that I had not learned anywhere before.
    I truly believe that something good always comes out of something ‘bad’. Look for your silver lining to this event in your life and you may just find yourself smiling upon the whole thing.
    ~Have a great day.

  5. Rob Jones

    Valerie, before you decide, look around the web for other responses to Cosmo as well as their BBB reputation.

    I toned down my article but there was other stuff about Cosmo that bothered me. I may add it back in.

  6. Valerie Jordan

    I to just had a meeting with Tammy, She was quick to ask for the money. Saying I’ll take a credit card over the phone. I was approached in a mall. Yes, I feel that I’ve got the look to do this but, something about this just doesn’t feel right. There is no guarantee and they know how to play the game.

  7. Rob Jones

    That’s Tammy’s job, she approaches people at events and she usually has one of their working models with her. My opinion is that Cosmo could not survive without new recruits, meaning they don’t make enough to run their business based on the work their models get. And they are competing with other local agencies.

    Tammy will also give you the impression that they need more (in your case) boys. For me it was men.

    You also have to consider the fact that you’re counting on them to get you work, remember that paperwork that was less than impressive? That feeling is the right one.

    Even if you do use an outside photographer they will charge you a lot of money for classes that seem OK but aren’t that great and then there’s the modeling portfolio. They have ways to make money off of you. Did she mention that most of the stuff to do with modeling is not tax deductible?

    A truly reputable agency doesn’t need your money up front because they would know how much they could make off of you.

    I’m within my legal right to give you my opinion and my opinion is to stay away. You will have buyers remorse and you will kick yourself for being so easily duped. You came to the internet looking for information because of a feeling you had, your feeling was correct, it’s too good to be true. The only people that are going to make any money is Cosmo.

  8. Tim Garvey

    We were approached by Tammy at a downtown festival in Lou. Tammy was interested in my one son in particular who is 11. What I would like to know is did Tammy let you know that you have the option to use a photographer outside of Cosmo? Their fees for this ran from 1300 if paid in lump sum to 1600 if payments need to be made. And yes the paperwork they gave me was less than professional.

    Any info offered would be appreciated.

  9. leah

    thanks for having this article up, im trying to model and was considering cosmo. i hadnt met or talked with anyone but want to check stuff out. the website was very unimpressive as you said.
    i dont think cosmos getting a call from me!

  10. jacque

    I have had a great experience with Cosmo. Just in the month Sept. I have done two jobs. One with critter crusade which lead into another job and then a two page spread with Today’s woman magazine. I have been in tons of shows/tv appearances/pieces for the Derby. Modeling and Cosmo has really added to my life and allowed me to go to the Bahamas, Paris, and Mexico. As well as by a 2001 Sypder convertible, pay my way to UK, and I am only 18. With any job you get out of it what you put in. There is not a single model from me to Tyra Banks that didn’t have to pay money, take class, or work had themselves to get where they want to be. There are plenty of people that have been helped from Cosmo whether it is financially or with their self confidence.

  11. Sarah

    Funny, but my daughter and I went to see them recently and I feel like I have to add my two cents here. My daughter’s had several jobs (commercials, modeling, videos, etc) in the past, so she’s not “green” to the industry. We went to Cosmo because she’s looking for something she could do while attending a local college. One of the first things they asked us for was to pay this crazy cost for photos ($1300+). Since my daughter already had professional photos, we showed those to her and she dismissed them as “fake backgrounds” and they couldn’t use them for that reason. Funny, but the photographer took the pictures OUTSIDE at a local park and used existing props! Nothing fake there, honey. The other jobs she’s had only took ONE photo for her to get hired (the other agency we used needed only one — and didn’t care where we got it!). Why would I want to spend money on yet MORE photos? When you look up SCAM in the BBB’s website, I think Cosmo created the script. The “interview” was all about paying for pictures with THEIR photographer and us having to listen to this woman brag about what she did in her past youth. Gee.

  12. Rob Jones

    Norma, best of luck. I’m glad you found my article useful. None of my information was fabricated, the only thing I had to gain by publishing this article was to educate other people.

    I hope it works out for you and you daughter. Come back here and post your experiences if you go with another agency.

  13. Norma G.

    Well,well..The internet does have some information I truley need for a change. I have set up an appointment with Tammy for my daughter tomarrow..I know any lagitmate agency doesn’t have to charge a fee.Unfortionately my daughter will be disappointed about the whole thing. Still I am just going to find the real thing else where.. I am not dragging her into a fake set up.. Thank you for your info..

  14. Norma G.

    For your info..You do not need to pay $1600.00 to build charactor.. This is an A+ accredited Agency –

    Alix Adams Model School & Agency, Inc.
    9813 Merioneth Drive
    Louisville, KY 40299 Corporation
    Incorporated: 1979 in KY
    Principal: Richard C. Anderson, Owner
    Customer Contact: Richard C. Anderson, Owner
    Phone Number: (502) 266-6990
    Fax Number: (502) 266-7228
    This business is a BBB Accredited Business

    This is there fees for children; $196 up front or $22 weekly with 20 deposit. For an 8 week course once a week.

    Adult courses are $345 up front or $32 weekly with $25 deposit. For a 10 week course.


  15. Norma G

    Well, Cosmo called me up. They said that they were recruiting children to be in the Derby. So, they also said that they would like to take some more shots of my daughter.

    When I called them up they she said ” Oh I think your son would do great in the Derby..” “My Daughter” I replied.. Then she said yes “of course. We at Cosmo love your daughter’s look and think she would great. So bring her back for some more head shots”.

    What a crock of crap. I bet the camera didn’t even have film..they showed the pictures.. I love my daughter but the pictures just came out horrible!..
    ..That ignorant woman had the nerve to tell me how great they looked. How much money she would make..”First job maybe about $3000.00 to start.”.. Hmmm.. Then she gave me a piece of paper of the price list of their photography fees. ..$485.00 then $875.00 and it would have ended up to cost around $2000.00..

    Oh yeah and they can’t take it of the first job because there will never be one..right…I gave her the piece of paper back and told her thank you very much..then we left..Not once did they mention the reason why they called me. Which was to recruit for the just a high tech name for ” Sucker every second..” I know Maybe I didn’t fall for it but I bet Some other parents did. .Since they did call about the same time most were getting their Tax refunds. I also noticed that these were economically challenge families..they were taking this money from. That must be the reason why they went to the local Mall in our small town. Because they don’t have the Jerk-O-Meter like city folk do. They still kept calling me afterwards..until they finally gave up after over 20 phone calls to my voice mail.

    I would still recommend sending your child to link you will be much happier and less broke in the end.. Good luck to all the families..

  16. Rob Jones

    Christina, I believe you and your Mom have made the right decision to not go with Cosmo, most legitimate modeling agencies make money from your work, not you. The photos from Cosmo, as I remember them, were not very good.

    If you need a senior photographer call Shawn Wright (Wright Studio) at (812) 923-2300 & visit his site

  17. Christina

    I am actually currently trying to become a model at Cosmo. I had an appointment with Tammy a few weeks ago and since then she has called me just about every week to check if I am still interested and if I am able to come up with the money needed for the photo shoot on June 27. I have seriously been considering paying the money she asked of. 1300 in full, 625 with monthly payments, or 475 with monthly payments. Tammy has already faxed me the paper work needed and the next step would be to give her my bank account number. Now because I am going to be a senior next year I’m also stuck with trying to find a studio for my senior pictures. However, Tammy assured me I would be able to use the pictures from the photo shoot that would be “New York quality” for my senior pictures instead. Although, once I have repeatedly viewed the models on the website, I was very unimpressed with the quality of the photos. I expected amazing pictures from a modeling company, but I was willing to still pay for the undesired pictures as long as I would be represented and possibly be called for a job.

    I would like to say thanks to these comments, I have made my decision not to follow through with Cosmo. My mother and I have been going back and forth as to whether or not this was a good idea. Mostly because I was conviced this was my best option seeing as how all I have heard since I had my interview is how they are a “legitimate bussiness that has been successful in representing models for over 35 years.” At least that is all I have heard from Tammy. I’m thankful for the stories shared. Although, I do hope this decision doesn’t leave me with regrets.

  18. Rebel


    As I was surfing the web looking where I can post my “experience” with Cosmo, I came across your article! I really am sorry as to what happened to you. I just want to say that your daughter is adorable!
    Here’s my situation – I have done a good amount of research for toddler modeling & acting careers and I have concluded that the 2 best places to start are Wilhelmina agency (which by the way DOES NOT ask you to pay for anything – which is the right way to start in this industry), and
    However, I posted my information on Cosmo website that I would like to see how they work.
    Next day, I received a call from Nancy ( I thought it was a guy (boy! she must smoke 5 packs a day!) that she would looooooove to meet my daugher. Wow, I was extremely surprised, considering she hasn’t even seen her yet. I’m sorry but I have to say this is really comical to me. Sooo okay I didn’t call her back right away because I was swamped with life!…she left probably around 5 voicemails altogether before I had the time to call her back.

    Guess what! Her last voice said “It’s Nancy (in her pretty raspy cophy- voice, I would really love to see your daughter and today is free photoshoot so bring her on, I can’t wait to meet her). So okay, I called back got the appt set up and we went. You should’ve seen us, we were walking around the building thinking how the heck should we access the second floor- we went to the back of the building scaryyy – went againt to the front of the building I was asking my friend are we supposed to fly to the second floor? confused! So we finally found it, and up we went. Stinky stairways, stinky tiny halls ( I mean come one the agency has been in rip-off business for 37 years! What do you want!? hahaha. Anyways, There were 2 girls and I’ve told them that we were there to see Nancy, she was sitting right there, and as soon as I mentioned her name she jumped said she’ll be right back she has to go get “sskhfh” have no clue….so I sad okay. The girl said for me to sign in and I was said well I have a couple of questions before we start. Guess what? Nancy was right behind. “come to “my abode” little tiny office with no electronic or any equipment whatsoever hahaha. So I said I just wanted do you guys charge anything because from the research I did they strongly suggest not to pay any agent (suggesting they are scam) until the agent books you a job. Theeeen they are allowed to take a certain % (10-12) of that paycheck, and youuu’re the one to give them that money. She said in her pretty voice ” Listen, I’ve been with this company for 37 years, who who told you that, she went rambling on and on, we’re not a scam company if that’s what you think” I said “did I say you were? Are you suggesting that you are” She said “listen” and then I said “can you answer my simple question – yes or no? do you charge anything?” she said “yes, $500 for photographs!!!” phewwwwwww! ” I wanted to ask her do they come with a golden frame?” ridiculous…. I mean she was almost hostile, she was grabing her little desk and rocking on her chair back and forth and was very loud…. I just said okay bye bye….she said again “we’re not a scam company ,ma’am”… and I said as we were leaving “yeah, keep convincing yourself….”


  19. Rob Jones

    Rebel, I seriously didn’t expect to be talking about Cosmo this long after my experience. However, I’m very glad people have been able to use my experience for their own benefit.

    Thanks for sharing your story, together we are saving families from wasting their time and money.

  20. Maegan Gainer

    Wow, I will definitely not be following through with my appointment with Nancy tomorrow. It did seem kind of strange to me, as well… Their “official” website, their application process, the call back, everything…

  21. Renea

    Wow, I’m actually going to be attending the University of Louisville this fall and I needed to find an agency to represent me and I thought Cosmo was the place for me. Before I graduated I did a Beauty Pageant and I’m guessing because I excelled in it, they immediatley wanted to represent me. However I wanted to wait until I moved there but THANK YOU ALL very much for this information because I now will NOT BE GIVING COSMO MODEL AND TALENT AGENCY ANY OF MY BUSINESS AND NEITHER WILL MY FRIENDS OR FAMILY.

  22. work2hard2giveaway$

    Thank you Rob Jones !!!!
    you are an Angel & saved us alot of money for our 2 kid’s.we were seriously thinking about paying $1,400 for teen & $500.00 for toddler.but me & my hubbies gut were having a bad feeling. if our kids are so promising & perfect ? then why do you need all this money? i agree with all complaints posted here….on the building,copies of paper work,ask for payment on 1st visit,the same line over & over,the smell,rooms (no air moving @ all ),location,cards with ur pic. on it & the less than 5 minute head shots for both kids…….wasn’t really working with toddler @ all. but the staff was nice & 2 young girls @ front desk were cute & nice….but really couldn’t guarantee anything for us with all this money they need & no work yet???? I am very disappointed & hafta break this bad news to my teen today after we researched the web. & saw 22 complaints filed on them to the BBB.
    so the old saying……when it is to good to be true it usually is…follow your gut peeps 😉
    Rob,we are very sorry of your expensive loss with nothing in return..well actually Wisdom for us all,,I do pray the God will intervein in this situation & you do get refunded or company has to be held accountable for the fee’s innocent hard working families have paid out already or getting their hopes up high & shame on them for dissappointing our kids!!!

  23. Tamra

    Rob Jones you are so funny. I have been laughing the whole time while reading ALL of the info that you have wrote on here. It’s sooo funny. I feel that I have the right to laugh because I experienced some of the same things that you did with cosmo. I never recieved any paid jobs, however, I did go to two or three auditions for volunteer jobs. Was chosen to do a derby fashion show and t.v. appearance, but they were volunteer as well. I was promised by Nancy that I would do well. She told me that she not to worry and that she would take care of me. She expressed that I would get jobs. I still have two months left on my contract with them. No jobs yet.

  24. Sue

    Two years ago, I was approached by Kippee at a Home and Garden show telling me how beautiful my daughter was. I was told to come in for an interview. My daughter was 3 at the time, my son was 6. I had both children with me at the interview and she told me that the agency could represent both of my kids for the price of one, $1300. I said no at first. It was too much money. I left, but received several phone calls from Kippee asking me to reconsider. She was positive that my kids would be working soon. I was told this was a new program that the agency was doing to promote more children for less cost, but because they currently didn’t have a lot of children represented, we would be getting in on the bottom level and mine would be working soon.

    My children were excited about modeling, especially my daughter. She is quite out-going and loves dressing up and being girly. She loves to get her picture taken and I really thought it would be good for both of my children to have the confidence of being in front of a camera and other people. I did research what I could online, but I hadn’t found anything negative so I I signed up.

    We had a photo shoot but I wasn’t impressed with the photographer at all. He barely spoke to my childdren. He would simply snap some pictures and tell them to move a little and then snap some more. Although my children thought it was fun, I was disappointed. I think more could have been done. When we got our comp. cards, I was a bit concerned as their pictures were not centered and their personalities didn’t show through at all. I really thought I could have done a better job taking pictures on my point and shoot.

    However, it has been a year and a half and no jobs. Kippee has called once this past spring to ask if I would like to bring in my children for an interview and then to set up a photo shoot as they were beginning to do shoots for the summer. When I informed her that my children already had a photo shoot, she acts shocked and surprised. She even said that she didn’t know they were already representing them. I was told she would check out their pictures and get back with me so we could talk about some upcoming projects. Needless to say, she never called back.

    I have chalked this up to a very expensive learning experience. It is sad that my children have asked about when they will get to model, and I have to tell them probably never. Their pictures are on Cosmo’s web, but not one call. I understand clients pick their models, but I was led to believe we were going to have great opportunities. Also, I was told that the agency would be working hard to promote my children as they wouldn’t be generating income without their models working. I think they really generate their income from suckers like me for outrageous photo shoots. (I didn’t even receive copies of their pictures.) Now, there are lots of children on their web page, and I wonder how many of those have actually worked at all. It is interesting that the magazine ads that they show on their website that they have done have not changed in a year and a half. Live and learn that is for sure.

  25. daswampmama

    I am SO thankful I “stumbled” across this site! My daughter and I were about to go in a pay the $1300, but now . . . I don’t THINK so!!!

  26. andrea

    Ok i live in IN… I went to a festival there its a really small festival called heritage weekend!! I went and there was a booth set up for cosmo there. I went in and looked around! The lady cynthes asked if i was interested i said yes i was everyone has told me i should be a model since i was young. Well I was wondering if i should go to the apointment i have this week because im afaid its a big scam. the lady told me i was very pretty and i asked well how much money would it cost she said no up front fees and you should never have to pay for classes either you got it or you dont. But then she said i will have to pay for the picures that they have to send out for companies to see (which i guess is a portfolio). well that confuses me because whn im suppose to go in there this week there suppose to give me a free photo test well why cant they just use those photos! Im complety broke anyways and trying to get an apartment so i would have to borrow money from my boyfriend! I really want to be a model but im so confused there are some good comments but there are also bad comments. I was hopeing i would only be out like 300 dollars and i would be able to pay it back first job, but now im so confused and im young so i know nothing but what i read. So any advice on what i should do should i go in this week or not im kinda leaning towards i really should forget about being a model!!!!!

    1. Rob Jones

      Andrea, you shouldn’t just take any one person’s advice about Cosmo, however, there is a consistent theme in all these comments and if you were to put it together it would tell you to not use Cosmo.

      Maybe you should re-read the article and all of the comments. When you’re finished you really shouldn’t be confused about what to do.

  27. work2hard2giveaway$

    I am a Mother of a Teen Daughter & please…please…always go online @
    on right side of page on web site. click on consumers & type buisness in & it will pull up their rating & complaints.. Cosmo had 22 complaints on file & all reported no jobs after $1,300 was paid.
    please use your money for your apartment & education for your future first.
    persue modeling as a hobbie for noe untill you get your college degree. if you go & read all the comments posted here..some give you other names of agency don’t charge fee’s. I don’t want to shatter anyone’s dreams…but i did research on model agency…they will pay fee’s & pictures cuz they see spmething & willing to take risk. please take a motherly advise out of concern. you can still pursue modeling but with alot of research first on the agency tho….ok? ….
    Best wishes in all your Dreams

  28. Andrea

    well then do you now of any other better modeling agencys around the louisville area that would be any better!! ive wanted to be a model since i was like 10 years old!!

  29. Caring Mom

    I am SO glad to read all of these posts. We were also pulled into a Cosmo booth at a local festival, Jeffersontown Gaslight Festival. We were told how lovely our Asian daughter was, (which she IS!) and how she should apply to be a model and have a free photo shoot. Got the same song and dance that everyone else has shared and were very disappointed over the price of about $1,400. Same observations about the building as everyone else. Cynthia was very nice and I don’t know how she is able to work for those people. Bottom line, we can’t be ripped off since we simply don’t have the money, period! I hated to have to tell my daughter, but we will see what other agencies are out there and if there are any who don’t charge a huge fee, we will consider it. I don’t have a problem with some expense and the Alix Adam classes might be a good thing for her to go through just for self-esteem. If an agency is genuinely representing you and getting you valuable work, they deserve to gain by it, but the Cosmo situation is definately a rip-off and a shame.

  30. kws502

    A number of years ago, I was enrolled at Cosmo; my parents were thrilled that I was getting involved in something, anything, for that matter. Then came the up-front fees for contracts, courses, and their poor excuse of a photographer. Yet, I was still involved in everything: the classes, the changing in the bathrooms, etc. Overall: no work.

    Flash forward four years later: Cosmo now runs a booth at the mall in which I work. The lovely Nancy has been harassing my employees to find out more about me, not recognizing me as the naive kid that sat across her desk years before. Furthermore, she came into my store a few days ago, looked me over and said “Have you ever modeled before?” with a smirk, i replied “Yes; for you, several years ago. And no, I will not consider returning to your ‘agency.'” She later informed me, rudely, that they were not a scam, and the only reason she is working the mall is because she is “so picky” and will not approach “just anyone.”

    You are telling the truth, Nancy; you won’t approach “just anyone”… only those that appear to have the proper bank account.

  31. bruinette

    Thanks to everyone posting here for your sage advice, especially you Rob, for initiating and maintaining this thread. So many of us desparately wish to hear that we (or our beautiful children) are attractive and (especially in this economy) employable. Agencies that unscrupulously aid in clouding our better judgement with double talk, pressure to commit and false assertions are shameful. Would you give over $1000 to any other potential employer in any other business for the possibility of work?? – particularly when the market for that type of work in your locale is quite slim? Would you spend that kind of hard earned money without knowing the quality or marketability of the product you are paying for? (photos)
    A few years ago, I modeled successfully in a major market in a large city. I don’t think things have changed that much. There will always be modeling agencies/schools that are willing to take advantage of wanna-bes – it’s a lucrative source of income. However, if you truly have potential, NO money is exchanged upfront with a reputable agency. Yes, you do need pictures. But when I signed with mine I was responsible for my own headshots and was given a list of the best fashion photographers in town. I spoke with other models within the agency whose comp cards I admired (all on display at the office) then interviewed and chose who I wanted to use.
    There is a great deal of good information and advice on the web from top agency reps from the best agencies. Google Neil Hamill with Elite (my former boss) I believe he gave an interview once about how agencies work, what they look for etc.
    Good luck and good sense everyone.

  32. Model_Guy

    Rob I agree totally with you post, I now model for Cosmo and I have been for about1.5 years now. I have had no jobs only two interview/audition but no jobs. When I first met with Craig I was happy about modeling cause it was something I really wanted to do. I guess, well I know now that all that happiness I had left me blind of what was happening. I didnt look for any complaints on them or BBB. I too am seriously thinking about filing my own complaint in hopes of getting my money refunded. Here are some facts and opinions and also hopes this helps people save money by not signing with cosmo. Rob I wish I would have read this before it would have saved me alot of money, but Thanks this still helps me now.

    Im not gonna include any dates cause I dont want cosmo to know who I am seeing I still model for them and they hold “my future modeling jobs”

    I signed Craig told me I would do great and I have the perfect look, and that wehn I come to do the photo shoot we would pic out what WE thought were best. I didnt get to choose anything when I went in for another meeting he showed me the pics “he thought were best”. I didnt get to pic my own clothes some lady picked them out of my clothing. I got two auditions while making payments i paid them off and never heard from them again.

    1. Rob Jones

      Model_Guy, thanks for adding to the long list of comments. This is what makes the internet awesome. Some people have come here after they donated money to Cosmo but many people who found this page early used their donation for something better. There is no doubt based on the comments that Cosmo has not received money that they may have otherwise received due to the honesty of the comments on this page. I’m glad to be able to continue to help people make an educated decision.

  33. Krystal

    Rob, seriously thank you for taking the time out to detail your experience with cosmo! I recently went in for an interview after being “spotted” at the mall. When i finally met with them, they told me i needed to sign up quickly because they were only doing photo shoots in January and then again in December of 2011, giving me no time to think, or re-arrange my scheduled to come in for 5 hours on a Sunday. I told her i needed to think about it and then she asked me “what do i need to think about it?” i guess i will not be calling back with my payment (:

  34. Skeptical Mama

    Hey Rob and folks,
    We met Nancy at the Mall Sunday evening and she pushed us to bring our son in for a free photoshoot. Of course we think he’s cute, but I’m not sure he’s model cute, so I was skeptical. My husband thinks he has “it”, and maybe he does because he loves the camera and knows how to work it. But that’s neither here nor there… We were encouraged to bring our son in the next evening for the free photo shoot.
    They now have up-to-date computer technology, Rob! But the stairs are still a bit hard to find and the steep stairs and narrow hallways are disconcerting. Yet not stinky! Sign in, fill out a brief questionaire, the expected stuff. Then we waited while Nancy loudly (she only has one volume) berated somebody on the phone in her office behind is. She later complained about know-nothings like tthat person who call her like they know the business and she doesn’t. Not very professional of her. A nice lady took us to another room and took some images of our son, then we returned to the waiting room while she loaded them into a computer. They were played on a large screen with lots of positive comment, but I was thinking, “Bet you say that to all the boys!” And then we went into her office.
    We were shown books of print media featuring Cosmo models. Not many details were forthcoming, like how one actually gets jobs or if there’s an audition process, or how much notice one has. Just lots of glossy images. Then the sales job. “There’s a photo shoot next Sunday”.. It had to be then, that’s when they start the spring season. Ok, plausible enough. Bring 3 outfits, be there at 9.. my husband jumped in “Is there a fee?” Oh yes. She whips out a brochure and a piece of paper. $800, or that can be broken down into easy $100 a month payments, but for you we can spread it into $50 a month payments. Is that affordable? We debated over a year on which couch to buy, yeah, I’m going to make an $800 decision just like that! My husband gamely kept up the act, but I’m afraid to say I shut down – Danger! Something smells funny!
    Ok, all you sucessful Cosmo models and fans, I’m not saying they NEVER find work for anybody. It’s just I went home Sunday night and did my homework. According to industry experts like the president of Wilhelmina (modeling agency) in New York, you never pay upfront. They get the initial photo shoot money back when you get work, not before. Otherwise what’s their motivation? They spent a couple of hours taking some digital images and uploading them to their website and made $800! If you get work, BONUS, if not, they have money and you never get work. Who’s the loser? The split Nancy mentined was 25% for them, which is higher than the industry average or 10%-20%. Even the Better Business Bureau says a genuine modeling agency doesn’t take fees up front, but then maybe Cosmo doesn’t know that because they are no longer a BBB member. While there is no licencing for model agencies in my state, it’s not legal to charge fees up front. I guess these are $800 photos. The hair and makeup were supposedly free.
    We left quicky, being told we had to call her by 9 am the next morning with our decision. A rush job is never a positive. We were not given a contract to look over, but maybe we would have gotten one if we actually went to the (cattle call) photo shoot. Ha ha ha ha!!! She said my place of employment used Cosmo models, but I asked around today (I’ve been here a decade) and it hasn’t been in at least the last 15 years.
    Proceede at your own risk. You may get work, you may not, but they WILL get hundreds from you up front. That’s the only Cosmo guarantee.

  35. curious teen

    So, I’m 15 and I went to the mall like two days ago, and a lady named Cynthia came up to me and said,” hey, you’re really tall and skinny, have you ever thought about being a model.” And, well, I haven’t so I told her no and walked away. She called for me again saying that I would get paid $150 an hour after I “auditioned.” She was very sweet to me, saying I looked way older, and that I had such a cute style. It really got my hopes up. She made me sign up.. Which was my name, phone number, city I lived in, and basic informaton like that. It looked pretty legit to me. So, I went on the website and saw a girl who goes to my school on there modeling for Sam Meyers in the St. Matthews Mall. Now that made it seem even better. She said that there is a free photo test and everything, and getting paid and everything really makes me want to do it. I’ve been watching America’s Next Top model and I’ve always had that thought that maybe I could do it, but do you think I should go in and talk to them at all? Or just completely go somewhere else? I’m only 15, of course, so I don’t have a job, and I do not want my parents to pay a whole lot for me to model, which is something I would only like to do as a teen. Any advice?

  36. Rob Jones

    Curious Teen, the best advice I can give you is to trust your instincts. If you think anyplace is out to get your money or your parents money it’s quite possible that’s exactly what they are doing. Read all the comments above, they will help you make a sound decision. As many people have said a legit modeling agency doesn’t ask for money upfront because they make their money from getting you work not selling you classes or photos.

    You need to do way more research. I know sometimes it’s difficult to pass up what we think are opportunities but if I’m not shopping for a new computer and someone offers me one at a great price I always decline because that’s just the kind of setup that causes buyers remorse.

  37. Jessica

    I am so glad I read this! I just went to an appointment with cosmo yesterday and I was considering starting, but after all of this, I will not be wasting my money. Thank you!!!!!

  38. Joshua

    Wow. I don’t feel as though I can add anythingto any of the above posts. When in for a test shot today, but Tammy tried to convince me that my wife and I would fare better. I’m not photogenic at all and I know it, I could smell the bs a mile away. Paying that much money up front sounded crazy. She looked at me cockeyed when I told her I was unemployed. (looking for that fast buck) stay far away from these scam artists!

  39. Rob Jones Post author

    Jessica & Joshua, I’m glad you found something useful in this post. Thanks for your comments.

  40. Steph

    So I got asked by cosmo to come in for a test shoot and I have already been scammed before by a different agency so I know how it all goes. But, I told the current Cosmo model that when I was scammed by another agency, they made me pay for classes and I never heard from them again. She then proceeded to tell me that they don’t have classes. She also told me everything would be free. I’m a little confused now. After this article I can definitely sense the scam but after what the model told me it all doesn’t make sense. By the way, that girl did not look like a model. Her teeth were brown and rotting out.

    1. Rob Jones Post author

      Steph, is your comment a joke and you’re just fooling around or did that really happen?

      I’m trying to make sure the info on this post and comments are legit.

  41. Pamela Miller

    My 16yr old daughter was approached at the Ky State Fair 2011. We signed her up and she had her “test shots” done yesterday. I was unable to go with her and had my mom take her. My daughter had a blast to say the least, but they discussed the “fine print” so to speak. Which includes the $1300 for the “Business cards” we would need to have made for my child. I thought this sounded somewhat fishy so while I was at wrk today I had my mom do some research about Cosmo. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for publishing this article you just saved me and my mother $1300. I do not think we will be using this agency after all. Although I am sure some ppl have had a positive experience with Cosmo, as for me and mine we are not going to run the risk of this turning out negatively. Thanks again

  42. Lisa

    Thank you Rob Jones! Went in to Cosmo for my daughter only. Nancy wanted to sign both me and my daughter. My husband was so excited he wanted to pay immediately. I wanted to do a little research first. Very thankful I came across your website! She wanted $1575 for me and $500 for my daughter. I was told they only take pictures every 5-6 months. “I was very luck I came in when I did! They were having a photo shoot in two weeks. They only accept 3 kids. There was one spot left for my daughter. And, they only take 8 people over 18. There were 2 spots left. I should get my pictures now even though I am 4 1/2 months pregnant because they will not have another photo shoot for 5-6 months and I will miss out on the busy season. I better decide soon! The spots will be taken soon!” Thank you! I have NEVER posted anything before but, I was compelled to say something this time.

    1. Rob Jones Post author

      You’re welcome Lisa, what did decide to do? There lots of ways to get your kids started in the entertainment industry, Cosmo is not one of them. If your kids are interested you should find them a good theater program. Floyd Central High School is good if you live in Indiana, look up Stage One & Center Stage if you’re in Louisville.

      I wish you all the best & I’m glad you found value in my article.

  43. Lori

    A dark-headed, middle-aged woman approached us at Oxford mall and told my daughter she was beautiful and that she really “needed” models in her size because she has too many size zero models. Blah blah blah, “my redheaded model is over there with the cars and making $400 a day.” My daughter was polite to her but when she walked away said, “She called me fat.”

    She didn’t exactly, and my daughter is not fat, but she’s average. Anyway, she gave us a card, please come see me at my booth over there.

    I did a few gigs locally (Indy/Chicago) when I was 19 and 20 so I immediately told my daughter that it was a scam. That yes, she is beautiful and yes she might even get a job or two, but that the photos would be a fortune and that any reputable modeling agency is not going to have a kiosk in a shopping mall where they try to recruit people. You have to go to the modeling agency in most cases and they are not going to charge you a fortune for photographs. It is extremely rare to get discovered in a mall or somewhere like that and definitely not when you are 5’5″ and in Louisville, KY.

    Anyway, I stumbled on this site and just wanted to add my two cents and life experience to hopefully save others from getting scammed. If you really want to model, find an agency that pays you and doesn’t take your money. Yes, you may need to pay for photos for a portfolio, but you can get them for far less than Cosmo charges and most reputable agencies might recommend a photographer but they will not INSIST you use their photographer.

    My daughter is interested in modeling and so we are pursuing it by lining up some fashion shows at shopping malls and I am also talking to a childhood friend who hires models for his fashion catalog (small one). This is a way for her to see if she enjoys modeling and get some experience. I suspect she’ll be like me and decide she really doesn’t like it that much and isn’t ever going to be a supermodel and will get bored with it after a while.

  44. FrustratedModel

    I’m a 17 year old girl, so of course when I talked to my mom about modeling and she got me and interview with Cosmo, I was over the moon.
    My mother had sent my selfies and pictures from formal events and they jumped on the opportunity to have me come in. We went in the next day for what was supposed to be a 45 minute to an hour interview. We walked around trying to find these hidden stairs and finally made our way down the cramped hall to a very dreary office. I filled out my basic information and sat down to talk to Craig Dalton.
    Craig was very nice and super talkative. He discussed his career with Cosmo in great detail and went on to say how he thinks it’s a great industry for young adults. He discussed how he just called a college student about a job that would pay $800/hr so I thought, “Man, that would be sweet.” Of course, my mom and I fell for it. Every poisoned word that came out made us fall even more. We paid for the pictures up front. $1,300 went right out of my mother’s bank account that day, only to be returned by me working as much as possible at my retail job.
    Craig said I had the look, but it didn’t show in any of the pictures. The pictures I have are horrid. I know it sounds dumb but I take better selfies than that!
    I expressed my frustration to my mother, she obviously wasn’t that happy about the situation either. I contacted Craig from multiple emails and have yet to get a response on how to get myself out there to potientially be offered a job. Out of 3 emails, I have not received a response back.
    They prey on parents who truly believe their child has what it takes and the children who think they can do it. They are just in it for the money which is super upsetting. At first I told them I was getting cold feet and they said they wouldn’t be able to return any money, even though I hadn’t taken pictures yet.
    I wasted my time taking off from my job and my mother’s hard earned money.
    Whatever you do, please do not go to Cosmo for a modeling career. They crush your dreams and take your money.
    If anyone knows of modeling agencies that are not like Cosmo, I’d really would love to know.
    Thank you.

  45. KittyKicks

    Nancy contacted me from Cosmo today. I live in Lexington and this is in Louisville. She said there were no upfront fees but after reading all of these reviews I don’t think I’ll be going because that takes gas and money to get up there to Louisville and I don’t want to waste it for a scam! They are no longer BBB accredited after looking them up with 7 positive reviews and 4 complaints as of 3/22/15

      1. KittyKicks

        Nancy actually texted me today and I asked her about all of this and she said “there is no upfront cost the people online just didn’t show up for a shoot, didn’t accept jobs when they were offered etc but we never charge up front we just take a commission from your jobs” I see her Wednesday I’m going to be on my best guard with this, maybe an agency can change I don’t know but either way I will also post again and let you and everyone else know the current status of what “cosmo modeling agency” really is

        1. Kristin

          I signed with Cosmo about a month ago and I assure you there is an upfront cost. At least 650$. All together they charge about a grand and a half for the 200 initial shots. I also am working with Nancy and though she seems very straight forward there is just something that seems off.

          1. DGS

            Did Nancy say “I guarantee that you will have all kinds of work” ? Apparently Ms. Greenwell doesn’t know the dictionary definition of the word ‘guarantee’!

          2. DGS

            Nancy Greenwell personally guaranteed that I would have “…all kinds of work.” and that I was ‘guaranteed’ to have a return of my investment. Ms. Greenwell will not return my calls. I have asked her about fulfilling her guarantee and refunding my money. She simply likes to play with word games and semantics.

          3. Rob Jones Post author

            It’s unfortunate that many people only find this article after they have invested in CM&T. I’m happy for those that my article has helped before investing or those who stopped investing after reading all the comments & opinions.

  46. DGS

    Nancy Greenwell won’t even return my calls. I saw her at Mall St Matthews a little over a month ago. When I asked her if she had plans to fulfill her ‘guarantee’, she simply ducked the question and proceeded to chase some teenage boy.

    1. DGS

      Follow up. Last week, I sent Ms. Nancy Greenwell a friendly text message that she has not fulfilled her ‘guarantee’. I even sent her the dictionary definition of the word ‘guarantee’. Ms. Greenwell replied that she is ill and retired from Cosmo. I’m calling BS. I don’t know if she is ill or not because I believe absolutely nothing that ever came out that awful woman’s mouth. I have been having all kinds of fun with the name of Nancy Greenwell on social media and she can’t touch me. Every thing I’ve ever posted about Ms. Greenwell is the truth and if she tries to do anything to me for speaking the truth about her she knows that she will have to face a charge of theft by deception. I hope that she sees this!

  47. Manny Gee

    Im so glad ive read this. Thanks Rob and everyone else that left they comments and experiences..Sorry for those that had to go through it, but hope it teaches us all going forward some of the things to consider when looking forward to working with these agencies..

  48. Becki

    Cosmo is a big huge joke…i paid, went through all the classes, had to change my complete style just for them, and paid for comp cards for nothing….complete huge scam…everyone should be warned about them and Cosmo should be shut down completely…not right what they do to people…


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