The Butterfly Effect: Alternate Linear Review.

The Butterfly Effect: Director’s Cut DVD Alternate Review.


I have now watched the movie six times and almost every single thing there is on the DVD and my opinion of how things happened has change three times so far.
This review is my opinion #2 of how things happened the second time I thought I had it figured out. I don’t even remember the first one anymore.

If we are to believe that the movie progresses linearly then some thought changes have to be made from my other review in order to understand it.

Let’s say for instance that the first 30 minutes of the movie progress exactly the way they were shown to us.
Meaning that all of the events happen in the exact order that we see it.

This review believes that time travel came before the blackouts. Meaning that all blackouts were directly caused by Evan’s time travel.
Rule 1. Blackouts are caused by Evan’s time travel, the events are not blocked from Evan’s memory, they don’t exist yet.
Meaning that these events won’t happen in Evan’s mind until he time travels and fills them in.
Rule 2. Blackouts are events in which time travel can fill them in for the first time and returned to and changed for alternate outcomes.

The beginning of the movie.
We are being shown what Evan did to time travel when he no longer had his journals.
1. The first time we see this scene it’s as if he already knows how it’s going to play out and kicks the door in first and slams it closed. We are shown this scene first.
2. The second time he sneaks through hall to the door and pushes it with hand then kicks it in quietly closing it. We are shown this scene second.

While the scenes are obviously different the directors may have just wanted show the same event from a different point of view.

Later in the movie when Evan tells the doctor to give him his journals and the doctor tells Evan that his Dad (Jason) was always asking for a photo-album. This is when we see Evan realize for the first time that his Dad used a photo-album and that’s when he realized he was not limited to using the journals to time travel.

The classroom blackout
This was Evan trying to prove to Carlos that he talks to Jesus so Carlos would agree to help Evan get his journals back.
We see the first page of all his journals in the prison scene with Carlos, it starts ” Dear Journal Mom says that I have to write in you because wensday I got in trouble for a drawing I didnt do.
1. The first time he drew the picture of the dead men. We were shown this event first.
2. The second time he drew the dead men and impaled his hands on Mrs. Boswell’s note posts. We were shown this event second.
After the second time when he impaled himself a lot of people think that this would be a huge event, I think you could simply chalk it up to he was about to be taken to the doctor anyway. I don’t get how Carlos would see the hand scars appear for the first time, shouldn’t they be in his memory if Evan had them before going to prison. It’s a couple of small plot holes that you have to live with.

Another problem with this event is that it doesn’t makes sense, why did it happen twice. This should have only happened once when he was proving to Carlos.
What would be the purpose in going back just to draw the picture (without the impaling) like we are shown at the beginning of the movie.

This is when Evan’s Mom (Andrea Treborn) takes Evan (probably the same day) to Sunnyvale Institute and Dr. Redfield suggests the journals.

The kitchen blackout
This was Evan’s attempt at disturbing the blockbuster.
1. The first time he grabbed a knife hoping somehow this would disturb the blockbuster. We were shown this event first.
3. The second time we are just seeing the same scene that was shown to us earlier in the movie.
But I did notice he was trying to put the knife in his pocket, I don’t know if this means he was going to take the knife with him to the Miller’s house or if he was trying to freak out his Mom.

The basement blackout
This was Evan attempting to change George so that Kayleigh was not molested as a child.
1. The first time he probably had just finished removing his cloths. We were not shown this event, but we are shown the moments after.
Another thought, this is also the only blackout in the movie that has not yet been effected by Evan’s time travel. Or has it?
This is the third time we see Evan time travel knowing fully that he is in control of the event.
2. The second time he gave George and piece of his mind. We were shown this event first.
3. The third time he blew up Kayleigh. We were shown this event second.
This scene is weird because we are to believe that the blockbuster was in the same place six years prior to the mailbox scene.

I’ve read a lot of people opinions on whether Evan and Kayleigh actually had sex as children and I think I can confirm that by saying no. Here’s why, his black out starts from the time he was outside to the time he was in the basement with his clothes off. No more than a few minutes. They barely had enough time to get down to the basement and have George convince them to take off their clothes. Kayleigh was probably just embarrassed by having to take here clothes off in front of Evan nothing ever happened between them. When Evan goes to question Kayleigh about that event later as an adult she is reminded of all the abuse she received from her father as a child, not that one event in the basement with Evan. And when Tommy later says “Why did you have to _uck with mine”, I’m certain he was referring to Evan and Kayleigh’s kiss at the movie theatre.

Plot hole killer. In the first 30 minutes of the movie we are shown six blackouts. One, two, four, five, and six show us what happens after Evan time travels.
The third blackout progresses through the movie as thought it hasn’t been altered by time travel yet. This makes things very confusing for linear thinkers.

This is the most disturbing blackout because it doesn’t fit the rule.
If we are to believe that all of the blackouts are caused by time travel then we are also to conclude that the original basement scene actually happened to the adult Evan time traveling to that event.

The Dad blackout
This was Evan’s attempt to see if his Dad could help him fix the problems he had caused.
1. The first time he asked his Dad how to fix what he messed up. We were shown this event first.

We were not shown any other changes to this blackout.

The mailbox blackout
This is the second time we see Evan time travel but he realizes after seeing the scar that it wasn’t just a flashback, he was actually in control.
1. The first time he drops his cigarette and gives himself a scar. We were shown this event first.
2. The second time he runs to save the lady and gets blown up. We were shown this event second.

The junkyard blackout
This is the first time we see Evan time travel but I’m certain that he thought it was nothing more than a flash back.
1. The first time we see Evan trip in mid-run only to be hit in the head by Tommy. He tripped because he time traveled into a mid-run.
2. The second time we see Evan telling Lenny to use the shard to cut the rope and after tripping he convinces Tommy not to kill the dog.

I’m still confused by the fact that the junkyard blackout seems to be two separate blackouts.

After this event the Treborn’s move.

Time Progression. I think that time passed normally for Evan throughout the movie, I think as he made changes time continued on as normal for him. Example, from the first time he time traveled to the last, several weeks or months had passed.

The blackouts are caused by Evan’s time travel.
The blackouts lasted exactly the same amount of time Evan would time travel and project himself into the past.

More twists, if you get the part about his dad then you understand that The Butterfly Effect is not the first part of the story.
In the Director’s Cut Evan ends the curse. By making sure he is never born the curse dies with him.
In the Theatrical Release he does not end the curse, he only makes things good enough to stop the time travel.
I think this because there is an entire story line about the Grandfather (Edward), Father (Jason) and possibly Andrea’s two previous stillborn children that are never fully realized.
Here’s what I mean, Evan was never really born the first time, the father used a photo-album to go back in time and change something that made sure he was not stillborn like Andrea’s two previous pregnancies. Then he realized that he changed more than just that one event and tried to fix it, which is why he wanted his son dead, because he was never suppose to be born.

They could do prequels on the Fathers and Grandfathers experiences alone. They must have continued to try and make changes until they ended up in the mental institution without something to escape. Jason being stuck there Evan went on to effect everything around him and inherited the same curse of time travel.

I’ve read peoples opinions on the difference between the directors cut and theatrical version.
The theatrical version was cut together to please New Line for those who must have a Hollywood ending.
In my honest opinion the Director’s Cut is exactly the way the movie was suppose to end and I prefer it.
The directors also indicate that this was always the original ending

The Theatrical Release may have a hole as well. Was the video of him meeting Kayleigh for the first time a blackout that was never shown, because without a blackout how is he to time travel? This is another reason why I don’t think the Theatrical Release is the original. Also, after the last time travel wouldn’t he be dead from the brain hemorrhaging?
I do suppose that if he had a blackout at his party then even he would barely have noticed due to all the commotion and from the beginning to the end of the blackout, very little would have changed with his party. Just like no one would have noticed a blackout in the womb.

Director’s Cut = Original ending.
Theatrical Release = Hollywood ending.

My wife and I don’t watch That 70’s Show, with that in mind we both thought Ashton Kutcher did a great job with this character.

This review is based on a linear thinking and there are lots of holes, that’s why I think it might actually be wrong.
If this is the correct layout of the movie then after six years of trying to get it made I would think they had plenty of time to fill in the holes.

What did I think of the movie, I really liked it and give it an A+ for invoking a high level of thought that few movies accomplish.

If the director’s ever read this please correct any mistakes I’ve made. Some of the thoughts and theories here can be proven by the additional content on the DVD.
Other items can not be disproved by anyone but the directors themselves.

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