The Big House gets an Open House

I was there to see the finished renovation.

The Historic Landmarks Foundation did a great job of renovating the Willey-Allhands House. I wouldn’t call it a complete restoration but the house clearly maintains it’s history. I was good to see it so well taken care of.

I have a couple videos that I’m going to give to HLF, one is my wedding video and the other was a video I made while walking around the house. Both videos are now more than 12 years old so they will show what the house looked like when we lived in it.

When I find the link to the Open House from the paper I’ll update this page with it.

P.S. It’s still weird to be in it and look out the windows and not see what is suppose to be there. You know how if you look a light bulb long enough and then look around you can still see the light bulb in the middle of your vision.
Well looking out my old bedroom window is the same way, when I looked out of it yesterday all I saw with my eyes was grass but my mind super-imposed the garage, driveway, basketball goal and everything else that used to be there.

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  1. d allhands

    why is it called :allhands: house and which allhands was it named after? any connection to allhands street in sellersburg IN?


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