The Big House, I was there today

It was very weird to be there.

My Mom took me out to lunch today for my birthday (which was yesterday) and before we went to Buckheads she took me to where they moved the old house and were refurbishing it.

My Mom said it seemed smaller but I don’t think so. My head was playing tricks on me because when I looked out of my old bedroom window I didn’t see what I was suppose to see. Or any window for that matter.

They have changed a lot of the stuff, they are mostly painting now. I thought when the Historical Landmarks Foundation refurbished a house they tried to make it the way it was when it was built, not so.

I had a flood of memories. Then we drove back to where the house was built (now a parking lot for the hospital) and the garage remains, which seems funny and out of place. I realize the garage was added many years after the house was originally built and they must not have considered it part of the history.

I looked around the house for about twenty minutes, it just felt wrong, like it wasn’t suppose to be there.

The southern Indiana Dept. of the Historical Landmarks Foundation is making it their office. I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone.

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